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Tony Pollard and his beloved dog Tank.
Tony Pollard with his dog Tank after a good day hunting.

Tony Pollard is a born and raised Californian. He takes beautiful photographs of the flowers in Northern California where he lives part of the year. He is also a composer of original sound scores and jingles.

He has written professionally for Inside Kung Fu Magazine and several outdoor magazines. He also took many of the photos on a site called The Jewels of Imelda Marcos.  He is also a media writer for Digital Web Group, Inc.
He loves to hunt and he loved his dog Tank. It’s odd to think of a hunter as being a sensitive person, but this is the case with Tony. He hunts game birds, but before he takes to the field, in the American Indian fashion of hunting he offers a prayer. After the hunt, he takes the seeds from the gizzards of the birds and replants them with a tobacco offering to the spirits of the Earth and of the birds to honor their life’s energy and thank them for the gift of food.
His hunting dog Tank was his best friend and they did all these “manly” things together. Tank passed away and took over a year before Tony could speak of him without weeping.
Tony also plays the piano and electronic keyboards and composes original music and songs. He has composed many songs for the educational Read Radio project in northern California.  He started playing Beethoven when he was 8 years old. He has played professionally in various bands and toured the U.S. and Jamaica in his youth.

Tony divides his time between his homes in Tucson, AZ and Mount Shasta, California.

Tony Pollard with Tank minutes old
Tony with newborn puppy Tank.

Tony Pollard at G&G Pheasant club with Mount Shasta in Background.
The fields where Tony and Tank hunted, with Mount Shasta in the background.

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